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Meek Mill Being Sued By Philly Police Officer Because He Blames Him For Unemployment & Underperformance In Bedroom

Meek Mill $750,000 Lawsuit from Philly Police Dept

Last month, Meek Mill, lost a $400,000 civil rights lawsuit against the Philadelphia Police Department.  It was alleged that Meek and his crew were illegally detained for 10 hours, because officers say they suspected the smell of marijuana, during a traffic stop, however after a thorough search nothing was found.

This detainment caused Meek Mill to miss his $22,000 private jet to Atlanta for a show worth $39,000, and claim the negative press affected a deal with Puma sneaker company.

After losing the case, a Philadelphia police officer who was a part of detaining Meek Mill, was fired from his job, due to an unrelated case.  However, the officer claims the rapper’s allegations and negative publicity from it has affected his career and made it difficult for him to find another job.  In addition, due to all the added stress he’s having problems performing in the bedroom.

The police officer has filed a $750,000 lawsuit against Meek Mill, claiming Meek’s allegations has had a “strong affect on my life and relationship performance with my fiancee.”

What do you think about this lawsuit?  Does he have a chance in court?  Leave your comments below.

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