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No Good Deed Starring Idris Elba And Taraji P. Henson [Movie Trailer]

Who let the crazy loose?  In this movie trailer for, No Good Deed, it shows a deranged lunatic played by, Idris Elba, terrorizing a friendly, good Samaritan woman played by, Taraji P. Henson.

Idris crashes a police van he steals after killing the cops aboard who were transporting him to prison.  After the crash, he stumbles upon the home of Taraji, where her and her daughter is alone, since Taraji’s husband left for a trip.  Idris plays the polite victim of an accident and asks to use her phone, insisting he will remain outside.  While Taraji goes to retrieve the phone, Idris somehow makes entry into the home, cuts the phone line and grabs her daughter.

Taraji return to the door, but finds Idris is no where to be found.  When she discovers he’s in the home, and sees him playing with her child, with a gun tucked behind his back, she immediately confronts Idris.  All hell breaks loose and Idris forces her to do things she doesn’t want to.  He terrorizes Taraji throughout the video, but Taraji isn’t going down without a fight and strikes back every chance she gets.

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