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Another Cali Swag District Members Dies

Cali Swag District Member JayAre Dies From Sickle Cell Sickness

Cali Swag District has another fallen soldier, JayAre, who lost his life last night due to complications with the disease sickle cell anemia.  The 25 year old rapper fell ill on Thursday night for unknown reasons, but was rushed to the hospital and admitted.  Later while still admitted he went into a cardiac arrest, then died.

In 2011 the group had lost another member, M-Bone, who was killed in a fatal drive by shooting, ultimately the motive for the killing was jealousy.  The rap group, Cali Swag District, is s popular for the hit record “Teach Me How To Dougie“. It’s a sad day for the hood.  Rest in peace JayAre.  Our prayers go out to the family.

Group member Smoove Da General tweeted the following,

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