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Slowbucks And His Lawyers Investigates 50 Cent & Crew To Take Legal Action

Coming from the streets and understanding the code of conduct of a gangster, Slowbucks the brand is taking an unusual approach to the situation after Slow was jumped and robbed.  He recently took to his Instagram (see below) to explain the brand’s approach as well as had a press conference to address the issue and answer questions.

The brand lawyer conducted the press conference and explained they are currently investigating 50 Cent and the parties on stage involved in the beat down.  The lawyer explains it is a civil matter, and not criminal.  They are seeking punitive damages to the brand’s clothing line, because they feel the public assault was due to discredit the Slowbucks brand by sullying its name and street credibility.

Of course, Slow sat quiet and allowed his lawyer to do all the talking, but this move raises eyebrows and makes one wonder.  I first think how does involving lawyers and taking legal action suppose to reinforce street cred or reinstate the brand as gangster?  Real gangsters do gangster sh*t.

Not that I promote violence, but there’s obviously other ways to handle this.  He could have spun this publicity for business and did a bunch of radio, magazine, press interviews explaining his story, but with some authority, proclaiming 50 and none of his crew want to see him in the streets or one on one — sticking his chest out.

Since he was jumped, he could make it seem the only way they could have came at him was by force or jumping him, but one on one they don’t want it or on some street sh*t they can’t mess with him.  While putting his brand name out there and telling people to support.  I’d bet many would have supported, because it’s obvious he got jumped if you seen the footage, which is weak and he could have turned that into an opportunity to make himself look stronger than weaker.

Even if he really is a cornball and not a gangster, he could have used the opportunity to seem like he’s official, then go into hiding after the interviews.  That’s a b*tch move of course, but getting legal people involved is also a b*tch move in my opinion — he’s dry snitching on the low, or am I wrong?  Let me hear it.  Speak your mind, thoughts and opinions.  Leave your comments below.

Slow’s Instagram posts about the investigation:

Slowbucks Explains 50 Cent Civil Investigation via Instagram

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