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Treach Joins The VH1 Cast Of Couples Therapy

Treach Set To Air On Couple's Therapy Season Five

Season 5 of Couples Therapy is upon us and will premiere September 10, 2014 @ 9PM ET on VH1.  If you’ve been keeping up with the show, then you already know last season, as the urban guests, we were introduced to Ghostface Killah and his love triangle with Kelsey and Latrice.  This upcoming season Anthony Treach” Criss and his girlfriend, Cicely Evans, will join the cast as the urban guests of the show.

Treach and Cicely will share the season’s spotlight with  porn star Jenna Jameson & boyfriend John Wood, “Big Brother” alumni Dick Evil Dick Donato & girlfriend Stephanie Rogness-Fischer, “Jersey Shore” Deena Cortese & boyfriend Chris Buckner, plus a fifth mystery couple.

Get ready to learn more about Treach’s volatile relationship, which will play out on camera for the whole world to see.  Tune into VH1 on Sept. 10 @ 9PM ET.

Author: Shem

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