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Floyd Mayweather Breaks His Silence On The T.I. Beef

Real recognizes real and it seems Floyd Mayweather isn’t recognizing T.I.  The two got into a brawl this Memorial weekend at Fat Burger in Las Vegas, because Tiny chose The Money Team.  However, whatever reports are going around, Floyd sets the record straight and explains the entire situation.  He lets it be known that he’s not sexing Tiny, and would never disrespect the game by sleeping with a married woman.

This wasn’t the first encounter Floyd had with T.I., a few months ago T.I. stepped to Floyd at a New York City jewelry store, in regards to Floyd being too close to his wife.  Floyd explained then that him and Tiny were just cool peeps and nothing was going on with them.

Floyd let the first G-check slide and understood it as a man being over protective about his woman, but this second G-check happened in Floyd’s city and he wasn’t having it, according to him.  Necole Bitchie caught the exclusive interview with Floyd.

Author: Shem

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