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Kanye West Calls Out Fan For Having Fake Red October Air Yeezy Sneakers

If you’re planning to get a pair of sneakers autographed by your favorite artist, the creator of the shoe and the person the sneaker is inspired by then you should be damn sure you have a legit pair, because this guy had a fake pair of Red October Air Yeezy’s trying to get signed by Kanye West and Weezy was all over it.  He called the guy out and let the fan know he had a fake pair.  It was a crushing blow, even though Kanye actually added his signature to the frauds, before making the revelation.  What an embarrassing moment for the kid.

Author: Shem

"Shem was a black man in Africa If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya" --- KRS One "Why Is That?" ... Shem is also a web entrepreneur and owner of Blacktainment

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