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Jay-Z Punched, Kicked And Assaulted By Beyonce Sister Solange Knowles [Full Extended Version]

Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, viciously and brutally attacked Jay-Z on an elevator at a Met Gala after party last week at Standard Hotel in NYC.  TMZ has obtained the surveillance footage.

Solange punched, kicked, and spit at Jigga.  There was a moment he grabbed her foot and it seemed he was thinking about doing her dirty, but good thing Hov kept his cool and didn’t overreact to her assault.  The bodyguard tried his best to restrain Solange, it looks like around the 12th floor he even hit the emergency stop button to calm the situation before stepping out before paps and likely try to keep the fight private.

Beyonce never got involved in the attack and seemed to have kept quiet, standing by her man side.  However, it’s reported they all left the building together, but Beyonce and Solange left in one vehicle together and Jay left in another by himself.

There’s no audio, so it’s unsure what the argument was about, but wild speculations are buzzing around the net.  What I would have gave to been a fly on the wall.  Whatever the beef was about, it had to be serious enough for the sister-in-law to attack her brother-in-law.  Only a few things are that serious, come up with your own speculations.  What do you think?

Jay Z Attacked by Solange

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