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What Do You Think About Saigon & Erica Jean Chemistry On Iyanla Fix My Life?

Iyanla Fix My Life season 3 episode 1 has aired last night.  It featured Saigon and Erica Jean tumultuous relationship.  It’s a hood love that resonates largely through the urban community.

Iyanla gave them the true and real, like she does with most of her celebrity clientele.  She had the couple confront their demons and ended with a resolution for moving forward.  Unfortunately, the ending tidbit told us that Saigon and Erica are no longer on talking terms, so evidently this is having an effect on him and his son’s relationship.

Hopefully, these two will get it together, at least for the sake of the child.  I wish them the best, but what do you think about the couple’s relationship?  Do you relate or have your own Saigon/Erica type drama in your life?  Do you think they can be fixed?  Leave your comments below.

Author: Shem

"Shem was a black man in Africa If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya" --- KRS One "Why Is That?" ... Shem is also a web entrepreneur and owner of Blacktainment

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  1. Saigon is a bum, he don’t want to take care of his child. You don’t have to get along with the baby mother to be in your child’s life. He needs to stop trying to have his cake and eat it too. Erica can do better without him.

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