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Bishop Don Juan Talks About Pimpin V. Stiviano (Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend)

Bishop Don Juan tells us how he had a prior friendship with V. Stiviano, which is Donald Sterling’s ex-girlfriend, who exposed his racist behavior.  Don Juan talks about how V. doesn’t mind revealing herself and being an open golddigger.  When asked if V. was in his stable right now, Don tells how he’d pimp her.

You see the muthafreakin Louis Vuitton sombrero thogh?  Ooooh! Kill ‘em!   Ooooh!  Kill ‘em!

Author: Shem

"Shem was a black man in Africa If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya" --- KRS One "Why Is That?" ... Shem is also a web entrepreneur and owner of Blacktainment

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