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Bar Brawl In Los Angeles Involving T.I. & The Game Gets Ugly

T.I. and The Game were chilling together at The Supper Club in L.A. when mutual friends of the two got into a brawl outside the club with security, because they were denied entry.  An argument ensued and one of the guys threw a punch, then security went into whip ass mode and toppled on top of the guys.

By the time T.I. and The Game made it outside, their friends were in police custody.  The two rappers and their entourage had a brief standoff with the LAPD as they tried to figure out what happened and who had their friends bleeding profusely.

One of the battered men yelled over the cops and let it be known it was the security who dropped them beads on him.   The rappers and their entourage immediately turned their attention to the club bodyguards and went at their necks, ready to charge.  They demanded to know who was responsible for beating down their friends.

See above for the beat down.

See below for T.I. and The Game confrontation with police and security.

Author: Shem

"Shem was a black man in Africa If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya" --- KRS One "Why Is That?" ... Shem is also a web entrepreneur and owner of Blacktainment

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