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L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is Racist & Doesn’t Want Black People At His Games

Donald Sterling the owner of L.A. Clippers shows us his racist side, AGAIN and AGAIN.  TMZ has got their hands on a recorded audio conversation of Donald and his mixed (Mexican/Black) girlfriend, where he chastises her for hanging with black people publicly and acknowledging them on her Instagram.

Donald became upset with his girlfriend when associates and friends informed him that his girlfriend took pictures with Magic Johnson, a prominent black ex-basketball player, business owner and black community leader.

The L.A. Clipper’s owner was so infuriated that he resorted to calling his girlfriend stupid and disgraceful for not understanding that publicly being seen with any black people was degrading.  He wanted her to tone down her association with black people in public and on her Instagram, even though she states she is mixed with Mexican and African-American.

Donald has no problem black people working for him and trying to make his team champions.  But, God forbid one of them try to befriend him or have a personal friendship with him, they may get fired.  It has to be hurtful and difficult to have to work for a man that carry those sentiments about skin color, especially when majority of his team is African-Americans.

I’d say this is a time black people show our power in America and never support another Clippers game or merchandise again, until ownership changes.  However, this will likely harm more black people, than Donald himself, but a statement needs to be made.

I’m tired of us (black people) making these racist rich and then they turn on us and treat us like dirt — yeah, talking about you Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Cristal, and the dozens others out there who’s dissed black folks in some form or fashion.  The only way our voice is every heard is by hitting them where it hurts . . . in the pockets.

This is a typical racist, afraid of the black man and what we can achieve, so they do everything in their power to keep us down.  Fearing our capabilities is ignorant, because you cannot stop what is already ours for the taking!!!  WE KNOW OUR WORTH!  Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

This conversation is more about jealousy and shame.  Donald is obviously jealous of the black man and afraid he’ll lose his girlfriend to a black man for the whole world to see.  That’s why he kept saying “I don’t care f**k him, privately.”   It’s so obvious he is an insecure white man who is scarred his mixed girlfriend will fall in love with the black dong, as many women fall victim to.

Watch the video and hit the jump to let us know how you feel.

Shem, what you say?
I’m not the least bit surprise.  Old white man a racist, heard it all before.  Truth is, I’d probably have the same conversation with my significant other about white people.  lol.  But he’s been exposed, so I can’t support anything he touches.  Never will see me at a Clippers game or wearing Clippers merchandise or supporting one of his businesses while he’s owner.  I hope the old fart last sees a black doctor or nurse on his deathbed.

Author: Shem

"Shem was a black man in Africa If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya" --- KRS One "Why Is That?" ... Shem is also a web entrepreneur and owner of Blacktainment

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