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Felecia Smith A 42-Year Old Middle School Teacher Gives 15-Year Old Student A Lap Dance

Shockingly, a 42 year old middle school teacher named Felecia Smith, gave one of her young 15 year old students a lap dance for his birthday in front of the entire class.  She has been arrested and criminally charged for the act.  She is currently out on a $30,000 bond.

It’s said that this doesn’t seem to be the first time she involved herself with one of her students.  It’s reported that she is currently dating one of her former students who is now 21 years of age.

With today’s technology it’s almost impossible to do anything without being caught on camera, and that’s exactly what happened in Feleica’s case, because the entire lap dance has been supposedly caught on camera and recorded by classmates who looked on in awe.

Reportedly, for about three and half minutes Felecia gyrated on the boy while dancing on him and stuck her head between his legs, then told him “I love you baby”.

The Aldine, Texas teacher has been relieved of her duties at the school and now faces criminal charges for her recklessness.

Author: Shem

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